Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

A big dark blur
Executive summary:
  • The party discovered that an acolyte of Moradin was behind the undead roaming the bottom levels of the Hammerfist Holds;
  • They regained the corpse of Prince Tharon and went to have him resurrected by Muras Stonecarver, the high priest of Moradin;
  • Muras was caught attempting to turn Tharon into another form of undead, and brutally beaten by the party;
  • Whereupon they discovered that some creature was impersonating Muras and had caused all the problems.
  • Found by Hafren inside a teleported Entomber: a Talisman of Fortune
  • A gift from the dwarves: a second set of Iron Armbands of Power
  • 10k in precious metals.
The Dwarven Halls
Executive summary:
  • The party convinced the Ghostlord to stop assisting the Red Hand by dint of returning his phylactery;
  • They asked him to ensure that the Wyrmlord didn’t manage to escape;
  • The Ghostlord “resurrected” a shifter named Tor, an old competitor of his;
  • The party caught and questioned the Wyrmlord, gaining in the process the location of the Fane of Tiamat;
  • The party discovered there was something very wrong in the Hammerfist Holds, and went to investigate;
Battle Royale (with cheese)

The party engaged the Wyrmlord and defeated her minions, although she managed to flee the scene. The battle itself was entirely too long and involved. However, the treasure they found was more interesting:

  • A set of Paragon Iron Armbands of Power (on Valsath)
  • Uriel’s lightning strike on Hafren also charged up her armor to +3
The dragon centipede

Day 22

Somewhere to the north, the Red Hand Horde sacks and destroys the town of Terrolton.

Shadow and scorching sun

Days 17 and 18

The party had had enough of dark caverns – and so decided to hop off to the Shadowfell to meet this “mysterious warrior” that the Morrigan had told Stan about. They knew they were on the clock and so moved east as quickly as possible. Even so, it took them a day to reach Brindol and a second day to reach Obsidian, the city of the Shadar-Kai. There they met Keleth, a dragonborn paladin of the Raven Queen who had been sleeping for the past thousand years. He had been woken with a message from his mistress. Apparently, souls from this area had not been reaching the Raven Queen, and she wanted the party to find out why (and stop it).

Dragon Drop

Day 14

With the complex flooded the last task that remained in Rhest (well, other than looting, and finding the teleportation room…) was dealing with Regiarix. From interrogating various goblins the party knew that Regiarix laired in a tunnel system underneath the arena complex itself. After catching their (underwater) breaths the party headed down the central shaft in search of this mysterious dragon.

Underwater Basket... Assassinations?
A night to remember

Day 14

The party began with three goals:
  • Kill Saarvith
  • Flood the arena complex
  • Kill Regiarix, the dragon consultant

They performed the first two with flair, elan, and not a little amusement.

The Three Sisters

Day: 14

Suspecting a trap, the party went to go help the three women who were begging for help. To make a (very) long story short, it was. The three women turned out to be a trio of hags who lurked in the ruins; although the battle was brutal, the party was victorious over the hags and their minions.

A Soggy Welcome

Day 13:

The hopes of the invading goblin army rested on the mighty back of an owlbear. Unfortunately, hope really wasn’t enough. Not when the party got to work. The remaining combat was short, extremely bloody, and painful; but when it was finished two dead monsters against two unconscious heroes left three pissed off heroes to finish the job. And so ended the Battle of the Witchwood; all that was left was cleanup.

A study of warfare

The issue looming over the entire Reaches is the Red Hand Horde, and how it can be defeated. We’re dealing with generalities, here, and thus victory will be attained once the party gains a certain number of Victory Points.


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