Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

A big dark blur

Executive summary:
  • The party discovered that an acolyte of Moradin was behind the undead roaming the bottom levels of the Hammerfist Holds;
  • They regained the corpse of Prince Tharon and went to have him resurrected by Muras Stonecarver, the high priest of Moradin;
  • Muras was caught attempting to turn Tharon into another form of undead, and brutally beaten by the party;
  • Whereupon they discovered that some creature was impersonating Muras and had caused all the problems.
  • Found by Hafren inside a teleported Entomber: a Talisman of Fortune
  • A gift from the dwarves: a second set of Iron Armbands of Power
  • 10k in precious metals.



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