Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

A moment of prioritization

The party discussed the visions they had, prioritized their next missions, and raised Lady Celira Nesten.

The dwarves are having issues with the succession; the younger (and more capable) prince has done into self-imposed exile to try and find a solution.
  • Prelate Harrask of Erathis is planning to summon angels and create an army of the faithful to forcibly unify the Reaches.
  • Lord Durant is summoning devils, particularly a succubus.
  • The Eladrin are about to consummate a treaty with some sort of hive creature.
  • An assassin has killed Lady Celira Nesten of Talar.
  • Something in Lake Rhest is opening a portal to the Far Realm.

The party decided to deal with the dwarves first, then Durant, then Harrask. In the meantime, if the assassin sticks out his nose they intend to bite it off.

With that decided, the party travelled to Talar and successfully raised Lady Nesten.



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