Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

Ambush at the Forge of Fury

The session began with the party gathered in the Hall of the Dwarven King. They had just learned of the attack on the Stone Tooth and the fate of the dwarven prisoners. After some discussion, it was decided that the party would return the favor in a punitive raid against the Tooth. This raid was motivated by several factors: revenge, concern that there still might be some prisoners, and the desire to keep intelligence from the enemy.

The party swiftly made their way west to the captured stronghold. On the way there they outmaneuvered, mousetrapped, and killed several scouting parties who appeared to be on the lookout for the party. They made to the Tooth with tactical surprise and sent Stan in to scout. Fortunately, he was stealthy enough that he wasn’t noticed by the waiting ambush; unfortunately, he didn’t spot the ambush either until it was sprung on the party. The group was attacked by Nightshade, a black dragon; several ogres; and three odd draconic creatures. Unfortunately for the ambushers the party easily dealt with them, capturing the dragon leader and killing the rest.

The remainder of the Tooth proved to be abandoned, with Wyrmlord Koth and his forces having departed shortly after they captured the dwarves. The party spent a few hours collapsing the entrances to the forges and ensuring that the complex would be unusable by either side for the near future. Then they turned their attention to the captured dragon.

Nightscale proved an easy nut to crack; for all of her bluster and bravado she was a coward at heart. Soon she was spilling her guts in the hope of escaping with her life. From her the party learns much about Koth and his forces; I’ve summarized it below. Once she is done the party grants her a swift death.

After some discussion the party decides to split up; the majority head for Vraath Keep in the hopes of intercepting Koth, and Katriona heads for Drellin’s Ferry to warn the townsfolk there. However, when the party exits the Tooth, they discover a familiar-looking halfling in a standoff with Verrick’s wyvern….


Azarr Kul, the High Wyrmlord, has gathered the tribes of giantkind and goblinoids that live in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. He also has the support of multiple dragons. His goal is to lay waste to the Reaches. Wyrmlord Koth and his forces had departed for Vraath Keep, a ruined fortress commanding the Dawn Way. His orders are to hold the keep until joined by Azarr Kul and the gathered army. Koth’s forces are as follows:
  • Koth himself, a hobgoblin warrior who favors the spiked chain (yes, I’m going there)
  • Koth’s lieutenant, a minotaur shaman
  • A mated pair of manticores
  • Koth’s adviser, a white dragonsworn hobgoblin
  • Koth’s personal guard, four hobgoblin Red Hands of Tiamat
  • Somewhere between 30 and 40 hobgoblin soldiers (grunts)


Finally, there’s interesting loot. The dragon had a gem embedded in its hide, and you scavenge a pair of magical stones from the dwarven keep before you collapse the entrances.

Sending Stones (pair)

Each fist-sized round stone bears a Dwarven rune that translates as “Speak.”

Level: 11

Price: 9,000 gp

Wondrous Item

Power (At-Will): Standard Action. Until the end of your next turn, any person speaking into one stone can be heard by those near the other stone as though he or she were standing in the other stone’s place. At the end of your next turn, both stones are exhausted. With a minor action, any character touching a single stone renews the set.

Special: Sending stones normally come in a matched pair attuned to one another. Larger sets of stones attuned to each other can be created (add 50 percent to the base price for each additional stone).

Zaarani’s Solitaire

The power of this golden spherical gem drives your foes to the ground.

Level: 10

Price: 5,000 gp

Wondrous Item

Power (Encounter): Free Action. Trigger: You score a critical hit on your turn. Effect: The target of the critical hit slides 2 squares and is knocked prone.

Special: You cannot use more than one solitaire in an encounter.



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