Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

Battle Royale (with cheese)

The party engaged the Wyrmlord and defeated her minions, although she managed to flee the scene. The battle itself was entirely too long and involved. However, the treasure they found was more interesting:

  • A set of Paragon Iron Armbands of Power (on Valsath)
  • Uriel’s lightning strike on Hafren also charged up her armor to +3

And found in Uriel’s journal: Tomorrow we leave these mountains to travel to the so-called Thornwaste. Skather has returned with the lich’s phylactery, and I plan to use this as leverage to get its assistance in our invasion. Many hobgoblins died horrific deaths to gain that simple-appearing flower, and I plan to extract vengeance for each and every one of them from that sniveling skeleton’s non-existent hide.

I have been given command of a hand of Doom Fist monks and several of the Devoted of Tiamat. In addition, Varanthian herself accompanies us. The wyrm is clearly unhappy with her orders, but she obeys the High Wyrmlord. Perhaps hunting in the Thornwaste will keep the creature happy while I negotiate with the lich. If not, I can always send it north.

We reached the lair of the Ghostlord yesterday. Travel through the Thornwaste was difficult, and I find myself in debt to Varanthian. Its appetite is voracious, and its presence sent many of the desert predators fleeing – and those that did not found themselves in the beast’s belly. We lost a platoon of troops while scouting, but the remainder live to serve our purpose. Today we make ourselves known to the lich. May Her Fivefold Splendor protect us from the creature’s rage.

It has been a tiring day but a successful one. The rage of the lich was as expected, but it knew it was in Tiamat’s claws. It has agreed to our demands and immediately set to work with the first squad of volunteers. Tomorrow we test the effectiveness of the first of its creations, a creature it calls a “bonedrinker”. It has promised me that it can work with dead flesh just as well as with living, so I will pit this bonedrinker against a platoon of my troops.

In Her great name! It can only be those cursed adventurers. Someone has traveled through the Waste and is hunting my troops. They slew both the bonedrinker and the hobgoblins. Worse, I heard Varanthian’s hunting cry and our lookout reached his post in time to see her charging off after some prey, but she has not returned. I must conclude that the wyrm is dead, and with it one of the most potent items in my arsenal. Very well; if it is our fate to die in this forsaken place so be it. I shall place my troops on alert and await their arrival. I do not fear an attack from the cowed Ghostlord, and so will concentrate my forces in the lion’s mouth. I pray that its teeth close on my enemies and not myself.



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