Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

More Devil-Worshipping Nobles

... must be an outbreak

The session began with your plan to deal with the succubus double summoned by Lord Durant. Using her attraction to Stan as a distraction, you lured her to an area you were able to surround with a Magic Circle. Stan performed nearly superhuman feats of… distraction… for the hour necessary to get the circle created. With the succubus thus trapped you questioned “her” before banishing her back to the Hells from whence she came. You learned some interesting things:

  • Durant is still negotiating for access to actual forces. So far the negotiations had been slow, mainly because Durant is being extremely careful.
  • One thing Durant has received is devilish protection; the succubus was unclear on the precise details but it’s likely to be large and brutish.
  • She was specifically summoned as bait for whatever assassin Durant was afraid of.

With the succubus successfully banished (and the teenage girl she was possessing cared for) you took off for Durant’s remote villa. There you spent some short time investigating the area and penetrating the villa’s security before crashing the party… err… summoning ritual Durant was performing. The result was incredibly bloody and over surprisingly quickly. Most of the participants were lower-class nobles from Brindol, but you did encounter (and slaughter) a duergar priestess and her bodyguard.

Durant escaped during the fray and so you, after taking a quick breather, took chase. You rapidly tracked him (by virtue of hunting locked doors) to the library on the east side of the complex. When you began to break the door down you discovered Durant in the middle of another summoning ritual around a pentagram with lit candles. Before you could clear the door open a shadowy figure appears and slits his throat with a single blow. Durant collapses forward and puts out one of the candles with his body.

... and we’ll pick up there. You’re not quite through the door, but do have line of sight to Durant (dead) and the assassin (theoretically non-dead).



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