Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

Return to the Forge of Fury

... just don't poke the roper!

The party met with Prince Tharon and offered to retrieve the Axe of Durgeddin, an ancient artifact that would prove him the rightful heir to the dwarven throne. The Prince had promised to seek the axe and gone into voluntary exile. However, while he knew of its location (in the Stone Tooth, Kundarak) he was incapable of actually acquiring it. In the meantime, his adviser Garthrak (who was actually working for Dalaron) was organizing raiding parties and generally making a mess of the southern villages.

With a map to Kundarak in hand the party headed west. They took their time through the villages to Drellin’s Ferry, with Sly giving evening and morning sermons at each town. He rapidly gained fame as a prophet of Erathis, especially with the rumors that the Lady Nesten of Talar had been raised from the dead flying before the party. They spent a comfortable evening in the Ferry before crossing the river with a clever arrangement of ropes and pullies. The environment on the west side was significantly less hospitable; the party was tracked for a period of time by goblin worg-riders and fought a few scuffles before the goblins abandoned the pursuit.

The party planned and executed a strike on the Stone Tooth. They entered through a river that washed into the lower levels. After a brief face-to-face between Kat and a (long dead) black dragon, they worked their way through the abandoned sections of the complex and reached the dwarven shrine of Moradin. The shrine was guarded by some sort of undead orcish guardian, likely bound there by the last invaders of the Tooth. The PCs killed the guardian without too much issue, mainly due to an incredible strike by Katriona (double crit on a 9th level daily – ouch!). After the orc was dead (again) Gimor was given the Axe of Durgeddin by the spirit of Durgeddin himself. More interestingly, he discovered that the rune around his neck matched one of the runes on the Axe of the Dwarven Lords.

The party planned to take the same route to exit the complex, thus minimizing their chances of encountering any resistance. However, someone (later shown to be the unnamed assassin) had trapped one of the secret doors. The trap was set off and caused a cave-in to block the party’s exit route. Instead, they were driven into the inhabited areas of the complex where they discovered a well-dressed, and very dead, Duergar. Sly suggested that the party instead leave via a portal to a southern kingdom; this was agreed on and he went to work preparing the ritual. Stan was able to keep the other Duergar out of the room until the ritual was complete, and so the party left without incident.

The next several days were spent riding back to the Elsir Reaches. When they arrived they headed straight to the camp of Prince Tharon where they presented the Axe and told him about the (suspected) treachery of Garthrak. The Prince accompanied the party to where Garthrak had set his ambush. Some clever verbiage resulted in the adviser giving up his entire plan before he was killed in the resulting combat. With the Axe retrieved, the Prince returned to his kingdom and was proclaimed the next heir to the throne. Gimor was given the Axe to wield and the party was promised hospitality whenever they returned.

The PCs decided that dealing with Lord Durant would be the next thing on their list. They traveled to Brindol in the same manner as they had been, with Sly giving periodic sermons. When they got to the city they were hailed as visiting dignitaries and given open access to Durant and the city. Durant had a surprising proposition for the party: he knew of the assassin and wanted to hire the PCs to act as bodyguards for a double that he was going to leave in his place. The PCs, after some discussion, agreed, and Durant left down for his villa retreat.

Sly continued with his sermons while Stan and Verrick poked around town. Stan came to an agreement with the local head of organized crime, and was given a magical pair of boots in exchange for a future favor. He inquired about the villa and discovered that the thieves guild had very little information on the complex except for its location; it was apparently protected by both magical and mundane means. Verrick attempted to ask Dame Mishann, the dragonborn head of the Elite Guard, out to dinner, without any luck.

That evening the body double, a summoned succubus, attempted to dominate Stan but failed. The party decided that this would be an excellent way to trap the devil. Plans to lead her into a magic circle ensued.



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