Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

Shadow and scorching sun

Days 17 and 18

The party had had enough of dark caverns – and so decided to hop off to the Shadowfell to meet this “mysterious warrior” that the Morrigan had told Stan about. They knew they were on the clock and so moved east as quickly as possible. Even so, it took them a day to reach Brindol and a second day to reach Obsidian, the city of the Shadar-Kai. There they met Keleth, a dragonborn paladin of the Raven Queen who had been sleeping for the past thousand years. He had been woken with a message from his mistress. Apparently, souls from this area had not been reaching the Raven Queen, and she wanted the party to find out why (and stop it).

Day 19

The party left Obsidian at dawn and soon returned to the mortal world. They made straight for Brindol, where they stopped to meet with the leadership of the Reaches. Keleth spent the evening “preparing for the upcoming adventure”, which seemed to involve equal parts clothing, alcohol, and women. The rest of the party attempted to organize the continuing evacuation of the western Reaches, ensuring that there would be both sufficient time and resources to house the evacuees. Word had reached Brindol of the destruction of Drellin’s Ferry, but it had not really seemed to sink in.

Stan spent a few hours asking about the Thornwaste and the Ghostlord. It was difficult to identify anyone who had been in that area, but he did get the name of a smuggler who made a tidy sum in “artifacts” from the area. Unfortunately, the smuggler was currently out of the city, and so little knowledge was actually gained.

Day 20

The party left early the next morning and made their way towards the Thornwaste. They spent the night in a hamlet near the Hammerfist Holds and in the morning switched to camels for mounts. They set off early in the morning and soon found themselves in the desert. It was a dry and inhospitable place. The ground was broken by countless ravines, each choked with thorny brambles. Fortunately, the party was made of stern stuff, and steadily made their way west. They had made good progress when they had to camp. That night they were attacked by an unusually large bulette, but fought it off without too much difficulty.

Day 21

The next day they continued working towards the Ghostlord’s lair, and camped a few miles away. That night they were investigated by Varanthian, a behir working with the Horde. Fortunately, the traps set by Hafren and Stan drove it off.



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