Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

The Army of the Faithful versus the Immovable Objects

You powered your way through Prelate Harrask’s Army of the Faithful. Of import you met and defeated the Knight Champion of Erathis, a honorable man who took following orders very seriously. You also killed the Inquisitor of the Church, who was obviously in league with the Prelate.

After taking (retcon) a small detour to pick up an item for Stan, you managed to sneak into Denovar. It was obvious that the city guards didn’t really care for the Church (or any church), but there were also fanatics out in force. After some bad luck you were flushed by the mobs into the clear area in front of the cathedral, where you ran into a welcoming party. After a long battle you were victorious and slunk into the Cathedral to lick your wounds. In the distance you hear the chanting of a large crowd…



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