Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

The dragon centipede

Day 22

Somewhere to the north, the Red Hand Horde sacks and destroys the town of Terrolton.

Without much difficulty the party finally achieved their goal: the lair of the Ghostlord. They split up to scout the area, and Keleth noticed a troop of hobgoblins leave the lair and work their way off to the south. The party followed them into a ravine where the hobgoblins were ambushed by some sort of undead hobgoblin creature. After observing for a few rounds the party moved in to make sure there were no survivors. They identified the undead creature as a “Bonedrinker”, although it was unclear why it had been waiting for the hobgoblins. Sly performed a Speak with Dead ritual and questioned one of the dead hobgoblins, but it didn’t know anything of the undead creature either. It did, however, tell the party about the numbers they faced.

  • Ulwai Stormcaller, a beautiful (for a hobgoblin) bard with a command of lightning
  • Valsath, Ulwai’s lieutenant and leader of her forces
  • Five Monks of the Doom Fist
  • Four Doom Priests of Tiamat
  • 20 hobgoblin warriors

Of those, two monks, a priest, and between 4 and 8 warriors kept continual watch on the entryway.

Hafren and Stan decided to scout out the stone lion in the hopes of finding an alternate entrance. They had just discovered one – a waste tunnel – when the behir emerged from its lair to hunt. It seemed to catch Keleth’s scent and began pursuing him with single-minded ferocity. Fortunately the paladin’s wings kept him away from the creature long enough for the party to regroup. The resulting fight was short but ferocious, with Keleth spending much of the fight in the creature’s gullet. After a severe mauling the behir tried to flee, but was tripped up by a lucky shot from Hafren and finished off.

Battered and bruised the party decided to camp the night before investigating the structure further. They crept into the waste tunnel and soon came upon a larger room that served as a waste collection pit. With no obvious enemies they camped for the night.

Day 23

The party woke refreshed and alert, if not particularly clean. They climbed out of the waste pit and entered the Ghostlord’s research laboratory, complete with specimen jars (“Brain of Adventurer”). From the dead hobgoblin they knew that one door led to Ulwai Stormcaller’s rooms; they took the other and scouted deeper into the complex. They briefly searched a lion-themed gallery before finding a large room that contained both some sort of odd pool and a giant necromantic sphere. From Stan’s description Sly guessed that the sphere was some sort of focus for creating undead; however, the party did not enter the room (and Sly managed to not reflexively throw in an alchemists’ fire). Instead, they decided to go battle Ulwai Stormcaller.



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