Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

The Three Sisters

Day: 14

Suspecting a trap, the party went to go help the three women who were begging for help. To make a (very) long story short, it was. The three women turned out to be a trio of hags who lurked in the ruins; although the battle was brutal, the party was victorious over the hags and their minions.

With the Three Sisters (as the heroes would later find their opponents were named) defeated the party moved on towards the Rhest Arena. By now it was well dark, which made it easier to sneak into the complex. They found that the majority of the underground was not being occupied by the Red Hand, which made it that much easier to move around undetected. Stan set off to perform some information gathering, which was made easier when he stumbled over a goblin couple who had snuck off for some “personal recreation”. These two were swiftly captured and interrogated, which revealed the following information:

  • The goblins had gotten the pumps working sufficiently to keep much of the upper level of the complex dry. However, the lower levels and catacombs are still flooded.
  • Regiarix lurks in the flooded areas, and the goblins don’t go there. All the couple knew is that food (animals, corpses, and the occasional prisoner) are tossed down a shaft in the middle of the complex.
  • The greenspawn nightmares are handled by a troop of trolls, who don’t mind being nibbled on so much.
  • Saarvith relies on his animal companion, a hulking metallic beast, for personal protection. He has goblin bodyguards as well.
  • The pump room is manned by a single troll (for muscle), a couple of engineering experts, and some goblin runners.



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