Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

Underwater Basket... Assassinations?

A night to remember

Day 14

The party began with three goals:
  • Kill Saarvith
  • Flood the arena complex
  • Kill Regiarix, the dragon consultant

They performed the first two with flair, elan, and not a little amusement.

After some planning, the heroes decided to split up and attempt to flood the arena simultaneously with assassinating Saarvith. Given the late hour they believed Saarvith was asleep, and Stan was confident of his ability to sneak up on the Wyrmlord without waking him. The rogue crept off, accompanied by Hafren and Sly (the latter riding on a floating disc). Meanwhile, Gimor and Verrick left for the pumping room, with the noise of their passage well-covered by the racket made by the pumps themselves.

The sneaky group was able to reach Saarvith’s quarters with very little trouble. Once there, they put into action a plan to get themselves past the guards: Hafren magically disguised herself as a fetching gobliness and seduced the guards while Stan went to work on the locked door to Saarvith’s quarters. Her attempts were more than successful, and soon two guards went running off to prepare for a later assignation. Stan was also successful in opening the lock, but failed to notice the two guards inside the door in time for them to yell an alarm. They were swiftly slain before they could alert the complex in general, but their muffled squawks were sufficient to waken the sharp-eared Wyrmlord.

With the advantage of surprise sharply reduced, the assassination team decided speed was now more important than stealth. Sly moved up and booted open the next guarded door, only to run into Saarvith’s animal companion: a gorgon from the Elemental Chaos. It proved to be a tough foe, particularly when its ranger master was able to heal it. Worse, the gorgon’s petrifying breath brought both Stan and Sly to the brink of a fate worse than death. Once the gorgon was dealt with, though, Saarvith was quick to fall, dying as he attempted to escape.

Meanwhile, Gimor and Verrick had been going to work in the pumping room. They were able to swiftly overcome and slay the room’s defenders, but found themselves stymied by the complexities of the control panels. Worse, reinforcements started arriving much more quickly than anticipated. The first waves were quickly dealt with, but the heroes soon found themselves facing trolls – a tough foe. Verrick moved out onto a set of catwalks, forcing the trolls to balance as they came to him. Gimor continued fruitlessly working on the controls until he was forced to engage a second troll that threatened to flank Verrick. The first trolls swiftly fell, but were replaced by a cave troll that proved to be harder to handle. The battle raged for several minutes, with the cave troll unable to strike its smaller opponents and the two defenders having difficulty doing enough damage to kill the troll.

The battle raged on inconclusively until an explosion announced the arrival of the assassination squad. With Sly making it easier to hit the trolls and Stan and Hafren adding their offensive skills the cave troll soon died. However, before it fell it was able to grab an unsuspecting Stan and drag him into the pumping mechanism itself, where only a quick-reacting Verrick was able to save the rogue from being ground into sausage.

While the corpse of the trolls burned the party turned to the control panel. Without the distraction of combat they were able to swiftly reverse the flow of the pumps and flood the complex. They decided to take a brief rest to the muffled sounds of goblins drowning.



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