Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire


A study of warfare

The issue looming over the entire Reaches is the Red Hand Horde, and how it can be defeated. We’re dealing with generalities, here, and thus victory will be attained once the party gains a certain number of Victory Points.

Victory points are gained for performing acts which either assist the military of the Reaches or hamper the Horde. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Alliances with other races (including dwarves, elves, eladrin, and shadar-kai)
  • Evacuating towns, thus hurting the morale of the Horde
  • Killing or capturing the Horde’s leaders
  • Breaking alliances the Horde has
  • Defeating auxiliary Horde forces or expected reinforcements
Currently, the party has acquired the following victory points:
  • Deriving an antidote for razorfiend poison: 1
  • Evacuating the town of Drellin’s Ford: 2



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