Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

The Tiri Krator

Days 11, 12, and 13. Two days until the burning of Drellin’s Ferry.

The elves introduced themselves as the Tiri Krator, a tribe of elves that claimed the Witchwood as their own. They invited the party to guest with them at Starsong, the main elven encampment in the woods.

Teeth in the water
... fire in the sky!

Days 10 and 11.

Victory Points: 2

With the town of Drellin’s Ferry safely evacuating, the party moved on to the next item on their list. After a brief discussion they decided to accompany the refugees north on the Elsir River before splitting off to head to Rhestilor and the Red Hand breeding program. Exactly who, or what, was being bred was unknown; however, they were pretty sure that it included vats of green goo for Sly to throw alchemist’s fire at.

Everybody move!

Day 9:

With the bridge at Skull Gorge dealt with (and new allies found) the party moved on to their next task: convincing the inhabitants of Drellin’s Ferry to pack up and leave before the horde managed to regroup. This was a surprisingly challenging task for five people much more used to killing their problems than talking to them.

The Plans of Evil
Carefully laid plans, meet PCs.

A summary of the information discovered at Vraath Keep, as deciphered by Hafren Nimblestream:

Un-Civil Engineering
Rocks fall. Bad guys die.

The session began in the middle of combat: the party, fresh from polishing off most of the guardians of Skull Gorge, advanced with murder in their eyes towards Rathos Bloodghost, the bugbear detachment commander. The fight was swiftly over as Rathos fell under the combined assault of Stan, Hafren, and Gimor; he attempted to drag Verrick to their mutual doom but was unable to grab the slippery dragonborn.

The heroes had barely had a chance to catch their breath when a new challenger arrived: the dragon Ozyrandias, a mighty bronze wyrm. Ozy (as he is known by his non-existent friends) spent a minute or so bantering with the party, during which time they learned that he had been attracted to the Horde with the promise of the combined libraries of Brindol and Dennovar. He was clearly overconfident, wishing to slay the heroes without assistance from the forces moving up along the road. This overconfidence was without basis in reality; his attempt to catch the party offguard failed miserably and they beat him mercilessly before he was able to flee.

A Dragon Philosopher

Ozyrrandias talked with himself as he flew, wings beating steadily, towards Skull Gorge. It was an indulgence that he readily admitted. He considered himself something of a philosopher; true, one that spent most of his time slumming, but what else did you expect of a lair in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains? He had been in the middle of an interesting argument when the emissary of the Red Hand approached him. Now, Ozy had little time for hordes or goblins, but one did not ignore a Blessed of Tiamat. And when he was offered the libraries of Dennovar to take to his lair? Well, his little greedy dragon heart beat faster at the thought.

And so here he was, flying to a bridge to ensure that everything was ready for General Kul to arrive the next morning. Ozy hated winter and the night, and especially flying at night. And so he grumbled to himself as he flew south, and could probably be excused for not noticing the brilliant flare of a sorcerer baking a phalanx of hobgoblins to a crisp or the gout of fire as a hellhound was destroyed. Instead, it was several seconds before he paid sufficient attention to notice that instead of a bunch of bored guards there was in fact a pitched battle occurring at the bridge – a battle that the Red Hand was rapidly losing.

And so it was a very grumpy dragon that strafed the bridge before flaring his wings to land.

Bridge Over the River...
what, what was that river again?

The session began en medias res as it were with the party locked in mortal combat with Wyrmlord Koth and his minions. Despite an initially desperate tactical position the battle soon swung in the party’s favor. Gimor joined Sly and Stan fighting Darnok the ogre mage and Hafren rained in fiery doom. The battle was certainly not easy – both Verrick and Stan spent some time unconscious – but it ended with Koth’s followers dead and the Wyrmlord making a panicked leap into the swamp. The party rested with the happy knowledge that they were victorious but the nagging suspicion that they would be meeting the hobgoblin again.

A rude surprise
... who ordered adventurers for breakfast?

Koth recovered from being stabbed by that Tiamat-damned rogue and stood up. As he recovered he took a second to survey the battlefield and decided that things… could be worse. The barracks was on fire and it looked like most of his troops were trapped within and likely roasting to death. On the other hand, they wouldn’t have been much use against adventurers like the ones who had snuck into the keep. It would have been nice to have the extra men, but wishes were a empty feast indeed.

The Battle of Vraath Keep (part 1)
46 to 6... or a target-rich environment

The party emerged from the ambush nearly intact and with a prisoner: the black dragon Nightshade. Stan swiftly proved that in an interrogation size really didn’t matter and soon had extracted a wealth of information from the wyrm. The party dispatched her without a second thought and turned their attention to their real target: Wyrmlord Koth of the Red Hand Horde.

Ambush at the Forge of Fury

The session began with the party gathered in the Hall of the Dwarven King. They had just learned of the attack on the Stone Tooth and the fate of the dwarven prisoners. After some discussion, it was decided that the party would return the favor in a punitive raid against the Tooth. This raid was motivated by several factors: revenge, concern that there still might be some prisoners, and the desire to keep intelligence from the enemy.


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