Fall and Rise of the Eternal Empire

What Came Between
In which time passes

It was a summer to remember. In fact, most would remember it the rest of their lives. It was the summer when the mysterious heroes came to the Reaches and, to put it shortly, cleaned house.

They started in a ramshackle, dusty mining town and ended in the Catheral of Erathis. Wherever they went they spread justice, or so the tales will tell. They cast down the corrupt lords and healed the peasants of their ills. Some of the stories are even true. What is fact, though, is the roster of the dead:

The Army of the Faithful versus the Immovable Objects

You powered your way through Prelate Harrask’s Army of the Faithful. Of import you met and defeated the Knight Champion of Erathis, a honorable man who took following orders very seriously. You also killed the Inquisitor of the Church, who was obviously in league with the Prelate.

After taking (retcon) a small detour to pick up an item for Stan, you managed to sneak into Denovar. It was obvious that the city guards didn’t really care for the Church (or any church), but there were also fanatics out in force. After some bad luck you were flushed by the mobs into the clear area in front of the cathedral, where you ran into a welcoming party. After a long battle you were victorious and slunk into the Cathedral to lick your wounds. In the distance you hear the chanting of a large crowd…

More Devil-Worshipping Nobles
... must be an outbreak

The session began with your plan to deal with the succubus double summoned by Lord Durant. Using her attraction to Stan as a distraction, you lured her to an area you were able to surround with a Magic Circle. Stan performed nearly superhuman feats of… distraction… for the hour necessary to get the circle created. With the succubus thus trapped you questioned “her” before banishing her back to the Hells from whence she came. You learned some interesting things:

Return to the Forge of Fury
... just don't poke the roper!

The party met with Prince Tharon and offered to retrieve the Axe of Durgeddin, an ancient artifact that would prove him the rightful heir to the dwarven throne. The Prince had promised to seek the axe and gone into voluntary exile. However, while he knew of its location (in the Stone Tooth, Kundarak) he was incapable of actually acquiring it. In the meantime, his adviser Garthrak (who was actually working for Dalaron) was organizing raiding parties and generally making a mess of the southern villages.

A moment of prioritization

The party discussed the visions they had, prioritized their next missions, and raised Lady Celira Nesten.

Oh, for the love of Vecna...

Because of the assistance of the ghost in the machine (the wizard who originally freed the Eye of Vecna from its binding), the PCs were able to get to Baron Trask quickly and without a fight, surprising him. With a little bit of tactical power use, they were able to keep the Baron’s undead bodyguard away from him until they finished killing him the first time—fast enough that annoying crossbowmen didn’t have a chance to make it into the throne room.

Eeeevil Elsircross

The PCs destroyed the army commanders from ambush in the (Shadowfell side of the) city. Gimor and Sly kept the lead bodyguards busy while the strikers and Verrick went after the leader with a nasty aura (a large-radius penalty to attacks, IIRC). It was two fights for a while, with Sly sliding over to the larger one for a healing assist and the final smiting of the nasty-aura undead. Gimor survived the bodyguards alone until the rest of the party finished off the leader with the nasty melee basic attack (lose a healing surge and two other status effects).

The Preach-Off

The PCs defeated the corrupted forces of the Shrine of Erathis and retrieved the Hand of Vecna.

What came before
  • While staying with the Eternal Emperor, the party receives visions about events in the distant Elsir Reaches. The Emperor demands that they investigate.
  • The party travels north to the Reaches via a teleportation circle in a kingdom slightly to the south (where they make friends with the queen while revealing that the pretty wall decoration in her throne room was a teleportation circle) and a caravan. They foil an attack on the caravan.
  • The party detours through the mining town of Hillwatch. When there they discover someone has stolen much of the recently mined gold, meet with (and defeat) an emissary sent by Baron Trask, and clean the town up.
  • The party goes to investigate Baron Trask. They discover that he possesses the Eye of Vecna (though who possesses whom is always in question) and is creating a ghoulish army with the goal of conquering the Reaches.
  • The party identifies the resting place of the Hand of Vecna.

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