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  • Protect the Reaches from the Red Hand of Doom
  • Stop Saarvith and destroy the Red Hand breeding program
  • Crash the negotiations between the Ghostlord and Ulwai Stormcaller
  • Slay General Kharn and disrupt the Horde
  • Call out and destroy Azarr Kul
  • Kill Wyrmlord Koth and avenge the dwarves
  • Find the Talisman of Al’Akbar
  • Find the lost portal room in Rhest
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Victory points

Victory points are a way of tracking how well you are doing against the Horde. You gain VP for killing enemy commanders, disrupting their operations, and doing stuff that makes me say “Wow, cool idea.” Your current total: 15. As best you can tell, you’re aiming for something in the 50 range.

  • Destroying the hatchery and sending Regiarix back to the Elemental Chaos: 3
  • Slaying Saarvith: 5
  • Befriending the Tiri Krator and driving off Trallan, a lamia imposter: 4
  • Researching a cure for Razorfiend poison: 1
  • Safely evacuating the town of Drellin’s Ferry: 2

Main Page

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