Party Treasure

Subtle Rapier +3 13
Cloaked Dagger +2 8
(Fire) Leather Armor of Resistance +4 12
Shadowdancer’s Mask (heroic tier) 10
Shadowdancer’s Cloak (heroic tier) +3 9
Ironskin Belt (heroic tier) 5
Tattoo of Vengeance (paragon tier) 15
Bracers of Infinite Blades 11
Shadowdancer’s Boots (paragon tier) 12
Shadowdancer’s Gloves (paragon tier) 11
Iron Armbands of Power (heoric tier) 6
Speaking Stones 9
Staff of Ruin +4 13
Shockweave Leather Armor +3 10
Gadgeteer’s Goggles (heroic tier) 8
Alchemy Gloves (heroic tier) 6
Deep-Pocket Cloak +4 12
Bracers of Escape (heroic tier) 7
Hedge Wizard’s Gloves (heroic tier) 4
Diplomat’s Table 12
Stone of Seeming4 12
Alchemist’s Spark (9) 13
Stone of Nature’s Passage3 8
War Ring 16
Lion’s Heart Hammer +4 17
Champion’s Wyvernscale Armor, +3 14
Gloves of the Healer 12
Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier) 16
Helm of Able Defense (paragon tier)
Medic’s Amulet, +3 14
Zaarani’s Solitaire 10
Helm of Able Defense 14
The Cup of Al’Akbar
Deed to Vraath Keep
Flaming Execution Axe +3 15
Delver’s Armor +4 13
Amulet of Physical Resolve +3 12
Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier) 16
Luckbender Gloves (heroic) 6
Helm of Opportunity 14
Bloodthirsty Weapon +3 13
Black Iron Armor +4 14
Belt of Raging Endurance (heroic tier) 9
Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier) 16
Amulet of Physical Resolve +3 12
Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor 15
Greaves of Maldeen 12
Pennant Helm 14
Transposing Weapon +3 14
Feytouched Armor +3 12
Belt of the Flanker’s Bane (heroic tier) 6
Bracers of Archery (paragon tier) 6
Eagle Eye Goggles (heroic tier) 2
Amulet of Protection +3 11
Stone of Dreaming2 14
Potion of Vitality
Party Treasure
Handy Haversack
5,840 GP (residuum or equivalent)
Recent Treasure


Talisman of Fortune (probably Hafren)

Ring of Retreat, unknown target.

Stone Band

1 The bearer of this blessing, when they use an action point, ignores immobilizing, restraining, or slowing effects until the end of their turn.

2 The bearer of this stone can enter the dreams of another. The effects are highly dependent, but may include conversation (if the target is friendly) or some idea of what the target is planning. The target must be known and sleeping. While you are dreamwalking you count as unconscious, although taking damage grants you a save.

3 The bearer of this stone gains the swamp walk ability.

4 As a Hat of Disguise, but counts as a wondrous item.

Party Treasure

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