Davian Oaklord

You may be big, but I'm smarter, richer, and better lookin'!


Race: Human
Class: Swordmage
Archetype: Aristocrat Bravado

Trained Skills:
Arcana – 9
Athletics – 6
Diplomacy – 9
Endurance – 7
Intimidate – 7

Character Sheet:


What can I say? My parents are rich, powerful, and utterly boring. On top of that I have three older brothers between me and the family estates so I might as live it up while I can. But you were asking about my childhood?

Yes, there was the incident with that crazed cult leader who tried to sacrifice me, but really I was much too young to remember it all. Besides, I had hardly been strapped to the alter before a group of adventures came through and rescued me.

Correct, I did cause a bit of a stir when I decide to expose the flaws in all our neighbors’ security systems, but that was really more of a public service. Imagine what would have happened if some low life had found them instead.

Ok, ok, I admit that trying to single-handedly take out that corrupt merchant group was perhaps a bit foolhardy, and yes I would have been much better off alerting the authorities, and yes it would have saved my parents that ransom. You’re starting to sound just like them.

Hey, keep it down! If you must know the answer is yes. My parents have unofficially cut me off after that mid-summer festival fiasco, but how was I to know she was the king’s cousin? And being forced to serve in Fallscrest’s Grey Guard “until further notice” is a bit much don’t you think? Anyway, the jokes on them because I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’ve finally found a place my talent is appreciated and I can make a difference. You are going to repeat that someplace my parents will hear it, right?

Davian Oaklord

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