Davril Forgekin

Only the Gods can craft prefection, and I seek to uncover their lost knoweldge.


Race: Goliath
Class: Runepriest
Archetype: Master Craftsman

Trained Skills:
Athletics – 10
Dungeoneering – 8
Insight – 8
Religion – 5

Character Sheet:


On the day of my birth my father carried my mother into a Dwarven outpost in the middle of a blizzard and died. The Dwarves did what they could for my parents, but my father was too far gone and my mother survived only long enough to bring me into the world. That my parents had survived some sort of attack was clear, but the Dwarves never found out where by whom. Once the storm had cleared they sought my tribe, but found only a burned out camp. There were no bodies and all traces of the battle had been swept away by the storm.

And so I was raised an orphan in the halls of the Dwarves. At an early age I proved proficient in craftsmanship and my insatiable thirst for forgotten knowledge soon found me as an apprentice to Mastersmith Runeaxe, a Runepriest of Moradin. Once my apprenticeship was over I left the Dwarven halls to improve my craft and gather what knowledge I could find. My wanderings eventually brought me to the city of Fallscrest which rests in an area rife with forgotten knowledge.

Davril Forgekin

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