Marikess Mancatcher

Of course I threw the first punch, I was faster and stronger.


Race: Long-Tooth Shifter
Class: Monk
Archetype: Imagine Hans Solo as a bounty hunter.

Trained Skills:
Athletics – 10
Endurance – 9
Nature – 7
Perception – 7
Stealth – 8

Character Sheet:


The grandmothers tells stories of when the humans first came to our lands. They were weak and knew little of the ways of the land, but they offered the packs great knowledge in exchange for protection. And so in those days we stood guard and watched as they built a mighty city, Fallscrest. We stood by and watched them build our prison.

In those days we knew little of civilization and did not understand what advantage this city would give the humans. We viewed them as weak and so never considered them a threat, but once their city was complete we saw too late the mistake we had made, the trap we had fallen into.

Once the city was in place hundreds of humans began coming to our land. When we warned the humans they were breaking our agreement they simply laughed, and told us to go back to the forest. Then we made our second great mistake.

Enticed and enraged by the humans the packs gathered and it was decided that we would destroy this human pack once and for all. We attacked their city with the greatest gathering of packs the grandmothers had ever known. However, we were defeated, the packs scattered and broken.

Now we live within the very city that destroyed us with only a few hunted packs still hidden in the wilds. While many of my people hold to dreams of returning to our past life I understand that we must adapt to survive. For now, we bide out time. The packs grow stronger with each generation, and one day we will rise again.

Marikess Mancatcher

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