Yeben Reborn

All Deva fear the temptations of evil lest they be reborn as Rakshasa, but what of the Rakshasa who falls to the temptations of good?


Race: Deva
Class: Wizard
Archetype: Evil Mastermind

Trained Skills:
Arcana – 9
Bluff – 6
History – 11
Nature – 8
Religion – 11

Character Sheet:


When I awoke underground with the stench of death and decay overwhelming my senses. Fleeting memories flew from my mind as though a dream. I am a Deva and such was my rebirth.

I found my way to the surface crawling through halls at once familiar and foreign. Deva are always reborn in places of power, but never places like this where that power was evil. The mindless undead left me alone as though I belonged, and the lesser of the intelligent denizens stayed well away as though they shared some secret awareness of my former life.

For weeks I wandered the swamps eating what food I could find and taking tribute from a tribe of Bullywugs after killing their chief. Eventually I came to the edge of the swamp and saw a city in the distance. Arriving mostly naked and smelling of swamp I was quickly shuffled off into the lower city where I soon discovered the city, Fallscrest, was no less a cesspool than the swamp I had left. However, here there was potential, and I was taken by a bitter mixture of memory and yearning

In time I came to better understand my plight, I am Rakshasa reborn as Deva. I know not what act of good I performed to merit such, but the fates took their time deciding my rebirth and it has been long since I last walked this realm. My nature is not as other Devas and thus far I have found this to my great advantage. I have joined the Grey Guard, what passes for law enforcement in the lower city, and have already planted the seeds of my empire. In time the world will shudder at the name of Yeben Reborn, but I am not so foolish as to grasp at things beyond my reach. For now, Fallscrest will make an excellent conquest.

Yeben Reborn

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